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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose little Libby's catfish & diner?

We picked Little Libby's Catfish & Diner based on Yelp reviews which were not recent. The restaurant was busy for Friday after 1pm with people picking up takeout/to go orders. Inside there were several diners all socially distanced. The wait staff were very nice and accommodating.

What do you think about Libby's in Madison?

I was pleasantly surprised during our visit to Libby's (Madison). The decor is nothing to write home about. But whatever they saved on decoration, was put into making great food. Since this was my first visit, I didn't know that it was a small chain. I was under the impression that it was a local Resturant (I normally check Zomato).

Did little Libby's over salt their food?

Little Libby's did not over salt or over grease the sides. They were seasoned well. Looking around at all the elderly people over 65, I realized we were the youngest customers by 10 or more years with hubs at 64. Seeing so many elders was an indication to me the food was not overly salted.

Does little Libby's charge a credit card service charge?

Little Libby's charges you extra if you use a credit card. They have a "service charge" they charge when you use a credit card, which is a percentage of your total bill. We discovered this when we were asked if we wanted to add tip to the bill. We said to just round it up to a round number a few bucks more than the bill.

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