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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Libby clinic?

In 2010, the Libby Clinic expanded our services to provide designated VA services through the Spokane VA to local Lincoln County Veterans. Libby Clinic provides services to all patients regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or creed, or economic status.

What happened in Libby Montana?

Before 1999, the tiny town of Libby, Montana — population less than 3,000 in the far northwest corner of the state — ranked unknown to most Americans. That all changed 20 years ago when the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) finally responded to cries from local citizens to take notice of the tragedy devastating their community.

What happened to Libby's vermiculite?

While the mining operation proved a boon for Libby, providing industry and jobs for the tiny hamlet and its residents, the vermiculite that laid deep below the surface in Lincoln County resided with another substance — one that was lethal.

Who is the lawyer who represents Libby victims?

Jinnifer Mariman grew up in Libby. Now, she’s an attorney for a law firm that has handled much of the litigation associated with the disaster involving the W.R. Grace & Co. vermiculite mine that spewed asbestos all over the rural community poisoning its inhabitants for decades. “I was glad I was sitting down the first time I read the names.

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