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Frequently Asked Questions

Is liner a good search assistant?

#1 Search Assistant & Web/Youtube Highlighter LINER has been #1 for several years in many stores, including the App Store. Proudly Enjoyed by Users At, Many people around the world have already improved their productivity with LINER in their workplace. “ I’ve never had problems with search engines. But now, I cannot imagine browsing without LINER!

What is liner and how does it work?

LINER is a web highlighter that helps you highlight, save, and organize contents on the internet. We help you filter out excessive noise content, so you can focus on key references. Sometimes you only need one sentence from a 100 pages document. Highlight & Comment. Highlight and comment on the important parts of blog or news article.

How useful is liner for Chrome?

” “ Okay LINER for Chrome is getting seriously useful. Highlight any webpage, one-click export to Evernote. People LOVE highlighting! ”

Is line a good app?

Line has become a popular messaging app, presumably in part because of its many options for messaging, cute stickers, and use across platforms and computers. But that multitude of options may be a drawback, too. This app includes a lot of ways to spend money, little by little, through small in-app purchases for a pack of cute stickers or a game.

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