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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I select players to be included in my lineup?

Select 1 or 2 teams and those players will have a higher chance to be included in your lineups. Set the maximum number of players per team you want included in your lineup. Ensures your players do not face your starting defense. Ensures your QB is paired with at least one receiver on his team.

Why linestar for DFS?

With LineStar, DFS Success Is Within Your Grasp! Native Apps for Apple and Android. LineStar apps make it easy to generate optimal lineups, projections, and strategy on your phone.

How to limit the number of lineups a player can be in?

When generating multiple lineups, will limit the maximum number of times a player can be included in a lineup. IE. With an Exposure of 50% and 10 lineups, at most a player will be in 5 lineups. Loved Players will be affected by the Max Exposure value. Set the minimum salary budget to be used when generating lineups.

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