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Frequently Asked Questions

When will the expected daily lineups be set?

Beware the "late scratch"! Our staff sets the expected daily lineups 24-30 hours before tip-off. The expected lineups are then tweaked throughout the day of the game. Lineups are only confirmed when an official NBA source provides that information.

Are the daily NBA lineups displayed on your website guaranteed? makes no guarantees on the information displayed on our website. Daily NBA lineups displayed are PROJECTIONS until we receive information about the starting lineups for each NBA team during the 2021 NBA regular season.

Does the NBA require starting lineups to be submitted before tipoff?

Unfortunately, the NBA does not require that starting lineups be submitted before tipoff, which is why we are sometimes limited to waiting until a game tips off to accurately pass on who is starting for some games. Also, sometimes players are "scratched" at the very last minute.

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