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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the origin of the word Linie?

From Middle High German linie, from Medieval Latin linea, alternative form of older Latin līnea. Earlier borrowings from the same source, such as Old High German linna, were not continued. IPA ( key): /ˈliːni̯ə/, [ˈliː.ni.ə], [ˈliːn.jə]

What is the Linie app?

The app also allows you to watch videos from LINIE’s live-streamed 2018/19 journey around the world: The LINIE Proof. Download The LINIE App in AppStore* or use the QR-code below.

Where can I watch the highlights from Linie’s live-streamed sea journey?

You can also watch the highlights from LINIE’s live-streamed sea journey around the world. The app is only available for iPhone (iPhone 6 and all models newer than this).

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