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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Find my covid-19 vaccination status in Louisiana?

The link is: Click on the COVID-19 Status icon and you’ll find information that will help you make this connection. There is also a phone helpline at: 225-263-4488. I was vaccinated in another state. How can I get my vaccination status into Louisiana’s system?

Why can't I Find my vaccination record on LA Wallet?

The LA Wallet app is unable to connect to the Department of Defensive’s medical records site. For your vaccination to appear on LA Wallet, your vaccination record needs to be entered into LINKS, which is the Louisiana vaccination registry.

What does the Louisiana Department of Public Health do?

The Office of Public Health (OPH) within the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals is committed to enhancing the quality of life in Louisiana by capitalizing on the diversity of the state’s population, promoting health through education, and providing essential preventative health care services for all residents.

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