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Frequently Asked Questions

What is linkshe?

Linksheis a global fashion retailer that carries thousands of clothing and accessories. As stated on their website, Linkshe “offers more than 200,000 designer style clothes at 70%-90% below retail store prices.” Shoppers have a wide range of styles to choose from, including: Dresses Tops Swimwear Jumpsuits Bottoms Outerwear Plus Size Jewelry

What are the negative reviews of linkshe?

Negative Linkshe reviews state that the quality of dresses, shirts, and other items was extremely poor quality and that customer service is largely inaccessible. In many cases, shoppers were unable to get a response from customer service at all, even after days of trying.

Where does linkshe ship from?

Linkshe does not publicly advertise their location—in fact, even their return address is not given to shoppers until they initiate the return process online. While the Better Business Bureau lists a Georgia address for Linkshe, it’s likely that Linkshe clothing is made in and shipped from China.

Are there any legal action against linkshe?

These websites (including Linkshe) have come under fire for misleading shoppers with stolen images, poor clothing quality, confusing return processes, and less-than-expected customer service practices—but there has not yet been any legal action taken against them.

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