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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linksoul?

The word ”linksoul“ comes simply from the term ”links soul“, which was an expression of the combination of virtues we found through playing golf... and now seek in whatever we do. Our mission is to reconnect people to the soul of the game.

What kind of golf polos does Linksoul offer?

Linksoul Men's Heather Golf Polo ... ... Linksoul Men's Multi Stripe Golf Polo ... ... Linksoul Men's Double Stripe Golf Polo ... ... Not Yet Rated. (0)

What kind of clothes does Linksoul sell?

Linksoul - Boardwalker Volley Shorts. Color Grey. $76.00. Linksoul - LS1309 - Organic Cotton/Recycled Poly Polo. Color Stargazer. $85.00. 1.0 out of 5 stars Linksoul - Hybrid Pocket T-Shirt.

What is the Linksoul fabric made of?

PERFECT BLEND OF STYLE & COMFORT The perfect blend of style and comfort...the fabric is mostly made of cotton but still has a little stretch and doesn’t wrinkle easily. Ideal to layer over your favorite LinkSoul t-shirt or button up to give to give a more classic look and help show off the metal LinkSoul buttons.

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