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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I Reset my Linksys WiFi extender?

Go to your Linksys range extender and make sure it is plugged into the wall. Locate the "Reset" button on the side of the range extender. This button is located next to the "Auto-Configuration" button. Press and hold the "Reset" button down for 10 seconds.

What are the steps to configure the Linksys router settings?

How to Configure a Linksys Router Method 1 of 4: Connecting to the Admin Panel. Connect your computer to your Linksys router. ... Method 2 of 4: Changing Wi-Fi Settings. Click the Wireless tab. ... Method 3 of 4: Forwarding Ports. Click the Applications & Gaming menu. ... Method 4 of 4: Blocking Apps and Websites. Click the Access Restrictions tab. ...

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