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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Linux Lite 2 2?

> Linux Lite > Linux Lite 2.2 - LQ ISO Linux Lite is a beginner-friendly Linux distribution based on Ubuntu LTS and featuring the Xfce desktop. Jerry Bezencon has announced the release of Linux Lite 2.2, an updated build of the project's lightweight distribution based on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and featuring the Xfce desktop...

What are the features of Linux version 2?

The major feature of 2.0 was support for symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) and support for more types of processors. Starting with version 2.0, Linux is configurable for selecting specific hardware targets and for enabling architecture specific features and optimizations.

What is Linux version 2 4 4?

Version 2.4.0, released on 4 January 2001, contained support for ISA Plug and Play, USB, and PC Cards. Linux 2.4 added support for the Pentium 4 and Itanium (the latter introduced the ia64 ISA that was jointly developed by Intel and Hewlett-Packard to supersede the older PA-RISC ), and for the newer 64-bit MIPS processor.

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