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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the chmod command do?

In Unix-like operating systems, chmod is the command and system call which may change the access permissions to file system objects (files and directories). It may also alter special mode flags. The request is filtered by the umask. The name is an abbreviation of change mode.

What are the most common commands used in Linux?

10 Basic Most Commonly Used Linux Commands Sudo. Short for SuperUserdo, this is one of the most quintessential commands that you will learn as a beginner? ls command. Probably one of the most frequently used commands is the ls command. ... Poweroff command. ... pwd. ... cp command. ... cd command. ... mkdir command. ... rmdir command. ... The rm command. ... Cat command. ...

What do the numbers mean in the Linux chmod command?

The number in the chmod command is an octal number, which is the sum of those free permissions, i.e. Now we know that the number in chmod defines persimissions to different users. Here is a few more examples:

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