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Frequently Asked Questions

What does fdisk do?

FDISK is a utility, included in all versions of MS-DOS and Windows, for formatting (preparing) a hard disk drive to hold data and to logically partition the disk, specifying and naming major portions of it for different uses.

How do I format a disk in Linux?

Linux Hard Disk Format Command Step #1 : Partition the new disk using fdisk command Step#2 : Format the new disk using mkfs.ext3 command Step#3 : Mount the new disk using mount command Step#4 : Update /etc/fstab file Task: Label the partition

What is the Best Disk Utility software?

Cute Partition Manager. Just like GParted, Cute Partition Manager also needs a bootable device to use it. It enables you to change the file system of a disk, create, manage and delete partitions of the disk.

What is the kind of drive format used by Linux?

Linux is a very versatile operating system and has its own disk format which is EXT, which can be presented in its EXT2, EXT3 and EXT4 versions. However, this is not the only file system that can be supported by this operating system; FAT32 and NTFS systems are fully supported as well as HFS.

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