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Frequently Asked Questions

What is liquid fluid?

Liquids are a class of fluid where intermolecular forces are enough to keep it in its original volume unlike gases but weak enough so that it takes rhe shape of container like gases. Fluids means all liquids, gases, air. Air can be called as fluid but it is not a liquid. Whereas water is a liquid, it also means it is a fluid

How does a liquid change into a liquid?

When a solid is heated to its melting point, it changes into a liquid. When a liquid is cooled to its freezing point, it turns into a solid. Gases turn into liquids if they are cooled down. This is called condensation. Liquids turn into gases if they are heated to their boiling point.

Which liquid evaporates quickly?

Which liquid would evaporate most quickly at room temperature? Acetone has the weakest intermolecular forces, so it evaporated most quickly. Water had the strongest intermolecular forces and evaporated most slowly.

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