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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some predicate adjectives?

Predicate Adjective List. Some adjectives can only (or primarily) be used as predicate adjectives. These include the following words: ablaze ; abreast ; afire ; afloat ; afraid ; aghast ; aglow ...

What is an example of a predicate in a sentence?

Predicate is a grammar term used to describe the part of the sentence which talks about the subject and which has a verb. An example of predicate is “ate lunch” in the sentence “Mary ate lunch.”. What is another name for the predicate in a sentence? The another name for the predicate is “Verb”. The sentence is of two parts – one subject and other- predicate.

What is a simple predicate?

The simple predicate, or verb, is the main word or word group that tells something about the subject. The simple predicate is part of the complete predicate, which consists of a verb and all the words that describe the verb and complete its meaning.

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