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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the name liturgical mean?

“Liturgical” worship is worship that has a definite structure and set of fixed prayers or parts. While helpful in our context, it does not explain why ancient people used “liturgy” to describe their worship. More recently and popularly, there has been an attempt to recover the original meaning of the term “liturgy” by pointing out its etymology.

What does it mean to be liturgical?

Liturgical worship, by contrast, seeks constantly to involve the people in the worship event. Indeed, the word “liturgy” means literally, “the work of the people”. Therefore, congregants at Christ Church should expect to read, pray, sing and otherwise actively respond to the Word of God among us.

What is the definition of liturgical?

li·tur·gi·cal. (lĭ-tûr′jĭ-kəl)also li·tur·gic(-tûr′jĭk) adj. 1. Of, relating to, or in accordance with liturgy: a book of liturgical forms. 2. Using or used in liturgy. 3. Of or relating to the conventional orientation of churches with the altar toward the east.

What does liturgical ministry mean?

Liturgy Definition. A layperson's definition of the word liturgy (pronounced li-ter-gee) is a corporate religious service offered to God by the people, including Sunday worship, baptism, and communion. The liturgy can be understood as a solemn drama involving God and his worshippers, consisting of an exchange of prayers, praise, and graces.

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