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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of Angela Bofill's songs?

Angela Bofill Songs List 1 I Try 2 Let Me Be The One 3 Too Tough 4 This Time I'll Be Sweeter 5 I'm On Your Side 6 Is This A Dream 7 I Can See It In Your Eyes 8 Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing 9 Time To Say Goodby

What happened to Angela Bofill’s “I try”?

Back in the day, every time we heard Angela Bofill sang her 1979 classic, “I Try,” we didn’t just hear her beautiful voice, we felt her pain. The broken hearted pain she sang about in every lyric of that song, touched us with every syllable.

Why is Angela Bofill so popular?

Angela Bofill temporarily became the hot Latin pop singer in the late '70s with her debut for GRP. It was a smart blend of glossy urban contemporary, light jazz, and fusion; Bofill 's voice had enough sophistication to sound sleek and enough Flora Purim influence to attract interest from jazz, Latin, and urban contemporary audiences.

What happened to Angela Bofill's voice?

In 2006 Angela Bofill suffered a stroke, which she was recovering from. But in 2007 a second stroke struck the songstress, leaving her paralyzed on her left side. The stroke also took her beautiful alto singing voice and affected her speech, causing her to speak in somewhat choppy patterns.

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