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Frequently Asked Questions

What does LLLL stand for?

The Loyal Legion of Loggers and Lumbermen ( LLLL ), commonly known as the " Four L " ( 4L ), was a company union found in the United States during World War I in 1917 by the War Department as a counter to the Industrial Workers of the World .

What services did the LLLL provide?

The LLLL provided a variety of membership services. No fewer than 5 of the 12 district offices maintained free employment agencies for workers seeking employment. In many other towns around the region, the Loyal Legion maintained social halls, providing recreational opportunities for workers.

How many members signed up for the LLLL in 1917?

Twenty thousand members signed up during the last two months of 1917. The LLLL and the Spruce Production Division issued a monthly magazine during 1918 called the Monthly Bulletin. Despite the rather vague form of the LLLL, an effort was made to give the organization some of the basic forms of an industrial union.

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