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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of the LPs in the future?

LPS is no doubt a Hub for innovators and innovations with young and experienced working together to furnish/ provide stations to nurture finesse and help develop intrusive subject matter expertise and technology trend.

What is the history of LPs?

It was a time when many private schools were already functioning. Keeping pace with the changing times, LPS kept capturing the nerve of the society and today it stands to impart education to scholars from Pre Primary to Degree Level.

What are the competitive classes provided at LPS?

The competitive classes provided at LPS allow students to compete and qualify the examinations such as IIT, Medical, PMT, Civil Services, UPPSC, SAT,CAT,CLAT etc.

Why LPS is the best school?

The Innovators’ Hub at LPS serves as a facilitator for novel proposals and innovation that helps the entire school fraternity face upcoming challenges and meets rising aspirations and competitions. The Best Institution For Education of your child. Some Fun Facts From Us. What I like most about this school is that people respect everyone.

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