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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LLM-programme in legal theory?

The Academy's LLM-Programme in Legal Theory is hosted at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main. It starts every year in October and welcomes applicants from all over the world holding a basic law degree or a basic degree in a subject related to legal theory and having completed one year of professional and/or research experience.

What is an LLM at Loyola?

Loyola’s LLM program is designed for foreign law graduates, as well as experienced foreign and U.S. attorneys. Our program allows students to build a flexible curriculum in American law and International Law and prepares them to become leaders in a globalized market.

Why study LLM at UCL laws?

On the Master of Laws (LLM) programme at UCL Laws, you’ll be joining a community of some of the brightest and most ambitious graduate students from all over the world.

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