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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the LLM in drafting legislation regulation and policy?

The LLM in Drafting Legislation, Regulation, and Policy offers a unique opportunity for drafters, legal officers, policy makers, and those interested in the process of law-making and in drafting to study the legislative environment and legislation as a tool for regulation.

What should legislative drafters consider when drafting legislation?

Legislative drafters should take account of the fact that laws are also written for target groups which are supposed to comply with them. References may be easily handled by lawyers who are trained to compare and contrast laws, and who have access to a law library or computerised database.

What can I do with an LLM?

The LLM is also a good choice for students who are looking to go on to complete a PhD in Law. Our PhD graduates are pursuing successful careers in a variety of professions, including academia, legal practice, public sector, and civil society The School of Advanced Study is a unique environment in which to study the humanities.

Where can I find a manual on legislative drafting?

Every State in the United States has a Manual on Legislative Drafting, generally available for download on the Internet. A. Why Are the Structure and Format of Legislation Important? In order to be technically sound, legislation must be correctly and accurately organised, structured, and formatted.

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