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Frequently Asked Questions

Why study law at LLLL Leiden?

LL.M. Advanced Studies Programmes Leiden offers a number of specialised degree programmes in Law for candidates with a full degree in Law (offering access to legal practice) and/or relevant work experience. Advanced Masters programmes are substantially more in-depth and demanding.

What is Community law at Leiden University?

A Leiden tradition - signing the wall after graduation. The LL.M. Programme European Law focuses on various areas of Community Law such as the internal market and the Union’s external relations, both from a substantive and institutional law perspective.

What is a Leiden Master of Laws graduate?

A specialist with a broad training - this typifies a Leiden Master of Laws graduate. In the master’s programme Rechtsgeleerdheid you study your chosen field of law more closely.

What is European law at Leiden?

European Law is a one-year Master’s specialisation at the internationally renowned Leiden Law School at Leiden University. The programme distinguishes itself by its broad intra-disciplinary approach, covering institutional, constitutional as well as internal market and competition law of the EU in addition to human rights from an EU perspective.

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