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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new in loftware label manager?

Script Editing and Troubleshooting - The ability to quickly find a script data source was added to the Loftware Label Manager. When a field has a script data source associated with it, the user can easily find the script on the label whether it is on the label view or form view within Loftware Label Manager

What does loftware do?

Tom Spoke, Trek Bicycles. "Loftware provides the engine for our global enterprise label service. As the thought leader in the labeling space, we consider Loftware to be a strategic resource and partner.".

What label formats are available in the loftware print server?

All label formats are available for use in the Loftware Print Server. Accurate merging of label formats to different printer types. Bar code wizard for generating complex automotive, healthcare, logistics, and telecommunications label formats. Extensive options for customized behavior.

What is included in the loftware support contract?

All Loftware Products are sold with a one year, renewable Annual Support Contract which includes unlimited technical support from Loftware's technical support call center and free software upgrades. The Loftware Print Server® (LPS) is a scalable high-speed, high-volume marking solution for barcode labels and RFID labels.

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