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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the LLM an Honors degree?

An LLM is a master's degree so the 'honours' label is not associated. Everyone does the same number of least at Edinburgh this is the case.

Can you practice law with a LLM?

United Kingdom. In the UK, the LLM Admissions process is such that most programs are available to those possessing a standard legal qualification, generally an undergraduate degree in Laws or a Common Professional Examination. An LLM is not a sufficient requirement in itself to practice law as a solicitor or a barrister.

Do I need Master of Laws (LLM)?

While you don't need an LL.M. to practice law, the expertise you gain from this advanced degree could potentially make you more attractive to law firms or clients. Master of Law programs may share similarities when it comes to admissions requirements. But they can differ too.

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