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Frequently Asked Questions

What is LM used for in research?

lm is used to fit linear models. It can be used to carry out regression, single stratum analysis of variance and analysis of covariance (although aov may provide a more convenient interface for these).

What is the difference between LM and MLM?

lm returns an object of class "lm" or for multiple responses of class c ("mlm", "lm"). The functions summary and anova are used to obtain and print a summary and analysis of variance table of the results.

What is an object of Class Lm?

An object of class "lm" is a list containing at least the following components: the residuals, that is response minus fitted values. the fitted mean values. the numeric rank of the fitted linear model. (only for weighted fits) the specified weights.

What is the heart of LMU?

At the center of it all is Sacred Heart Chapel, the heart of LMU's beautiful Westchester campus. The Pacific Ocean is just down the street from campus, and serves as both a recreational destination and subject for study in the classroom.

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