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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best logo design for a consulting business?

Square or Rectangle Logo Design Ideas For Consulting Businesses Rectangle and square shapes tend to convey ideas of stability, trustworthiness and order. The square is associated with stability and is popular in high-level consultancy sectors. Coupling a square with the blue color will give your business an uncanny air of reliability.

Should you change your consultant logo right away?

If you're afraid that your consulting logo won't be perfect right away, don't fret. KPMG proves that no design should be set in stone, even if it's a logo. You can always change it, and there's no tragedy in doing that. It doesn't mean you have to lose sales or credibility.

How do you create a consulting practice logo?

Try stacked text. McKinsey & Company and PA Consulting Group use this approach to concentrate their logo elements. To emphasize the dynamic nature of your consulting practice, try using color or font pairs in your name. These features let you mix colors and fonts, for a logo that captures different aspects of your practice.

How to make your business logo look valuable?

Circles with some gold color can make your business logo look valuable. Some logo designs would include the round shape in the text to replace the letter O or to represent a target. Some would include human silhouette to show that the business aims at aiming people first.

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