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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I logout of YouTube on my Android?

How to Logout of YouTube on Android 1 Open YouTube on your Android. 2 Tap your profile icon. 3 Scroll down and tap Switch account. 4 Tap Manage Accounts or Sign Out. 5 Tap the account you want to remove. 6 Tap Remove account. 7 Tap REMOVE ACCOUNT to confirm. See More....

How do I sign out of the YouTube app?

Tapping will open your Account menu. Tap Sign out on the Account menu. This option is listed next to a box icon with a rightward arrow inside of it. Tapping will sign you out of your account. You can now use the YouTube app anonymously. How do I sign out of YouTube app in Android?

How do I access YouTube on my Android phone?

Open the YouTube app on your Android. The YouTube icon looks like a white Play button in a red rectangle. You can find it on your Apps menu. Tap your profile picture icon. It's located in the upper-right corner of your screen. Tapping will open your Account menu.

How do I sign out of Incognito mode on YouTube?

The YouTube app displays a "you're incognito" reminder at the bottom of the screen when Incognito Mode is enabled. The app displays a prompt to you the first time you enable the mode that explains what it does and does not do, but it does not provide any guidance on how to sign out of an account. You can switch between different accounts, however.

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