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What is the longest field goal ever made in the NFL?

The longest field goal ever made in the NFL is 63 yards and this record is currently shared by Tom Dempsey from the New Orleans Saints (1970), Jason Elam from the Denver Broncos (1998) and Sebastian Janikowski from the Oakland Raiders (2011).

What was the shortest game in NFL history?

For the sake of not getting too crazy, we’ve kept it inside the last 25 years or so. The shortest player in the NFL of all time was Jack Shapiro, who stood at just under 5’1″. Weighing only 119 pounds, Shapiro played one game in 1929 to become the smallest to ever play a game in the NFL. His time was short, pun intended, but he made his mark.

What is the longest punt return in NFL history?

On September 21st 1969, Steve O'Neil of the New York Jets set the record for longest punt. With a punt of 98 yards, this may be a record that is unbreakable in the NFL.

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