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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the 3.3V pin of the Lora module not connected?

The 3.3V pin of the LoRa module is not powered by the Arduino Nano but with an external 3.3V regulator. This is because the on-board regulator on Arduino Nano cannot provide enough current for the LoRa module to operate. Other than this the connections remain the same. I am also pasting a similar table below for your reference.

How do Lora transceiver modules work?

LoRa transceiver modules listen to packets within its range. It doesn’t matter where the packets come from. To ensure you only receive packets from your sender, you can set a sync word (ranges from 0 to 0xFF). Both the receiver and the sender need to use the same sync word.

What frequencies do Lora modules come in?

LoRa modules do come in different frequency ranges, the most common being the 433MHz, 915MHz and 868MHz. The frequency at which your module works will be mentioned at the back of the module. Also you can either buy LoRa as a module or just the chip.

What is sx1278 Lora?

This is a complete two-way communication system based on the Arduino and the most powerful and popular 433MHz SX1278 LoRa Transceiver modules. In my previous project, I had used SX1278 LoRa transceiver modules and I explained some basic things including the SX1278 Lora module Pinout, technical specifications, and its interfacing with the Arduino.

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