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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the impact of pests and diseases on crop yield?

Worldwide, an estimated 20-40% of crop yield is lost to pests and diseases. Losses of staple cereal (rice, wheat, maize) and tuber crops (potatoes and sweet potatoes) directly impact food security and nutrition, while losses in key commodity crops such as banana and coffee have major impacts on both household livelihoods and national economies.

What is the global burden of crop loss project?

The Global Burden of Crop Loss project will collect, validate, analyse and disseminate data on the extent and causes of crop loss, with the aim of gathering sufficient and reliable data that can act as evidence to enable prioritisation of research and policy in plant health, improving our ability to predict the impact of emerging diseases.

What are primary and secondary crop losses?

Primary crop losses are those caused in the specific year when pest and disease injuries occur; secondary crop losses are those resulting from negative impacts of pests and diseases of the previous year [ 10 ].

Can premature defoliation of a plant be avoided?

In perennial crops, premature defoliation or the death of stems and branches caused by leaf injuries lead to loss of vigor and decreased production (secondary losses) in subsequent years. In this case, such secondary losses cannot be avoided since they come from already damaged plants [ 10 ].

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