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Frequently Asked Questions

What is loss cost insurance?

Loss costs. The portion of an insurance rate used to cover claims and the costs of adjusting claims.

What is loss cost rating?

Definition. Prospective loss costs are estimates of future loss costs, which are derived by trending and developing historical loss costs. Rating organizations such as Insurance Services Organization, Inc. (ISO) (auto liability and general liability), and National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI)...

What is loss expense?

Definition: Loss adjustment expense is the cost borne by the insurer at the time of settling claims. Description: Insurers need to prove the veracity of the event that has caused the insured to ask for claim. Insurers need to investigate and verify the event before settling claims.

What is the definition of loss cost multiplier?

A cost multiplier, or loss cost multiplier, is a simple factor used by insurance companies and workman's compensation providers to set the price of their premiums. It is calculated with minimal effort and can be done even with simple projections of company costs.

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