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Frequently Asked Questions

How to get 30% off at lotioncrafter?

Up To 30% Off at Lotioncrafter Get discount code “DECEMBER30” at Lotioncrafter. Use this code at checkout. Discount automatically applied in cart. Exclusions Apply. Get Save 20% on Your First Order With Coupon Code via promo code “OCT20”.

Does lotioncrafter offer any freebies?

Lotioncrafter offers Freebie With Email Signup. No coupon code needed. Receive Save Up To 25% on Clearance Savings at Lotioncrafter. No coupon code needed.

Can lotioncrafter ship to the United States?

If you are placing an order to be shipped by Lotioncrafter to a U.S. Freight Forwarder and require additional documentation to be completed and at... CAS # 8006-54-0 Derived from sheep’s wool, lanolin is a type of natural wax composed of esters and hydroxy esters of lanolin acids and lanolin alc...

What kind of powder does levellotioncrafter use?

Lotioncrafter has switched to a coconut-derived, palm-free SCI powder Where Do We Ship Internationally? View an updated list of countries we ship to currently

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