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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you check mega million tickets?

The best way to check a Mega Millions ticket. Don't worry about the other two numbers on the right or the Mega Ball. Just look at the first three numbers and compare with the first three numbers of the results. Circle any of the numbers you matched — again, only ones that match in the first three. Don't circle any of the last two numbers or Mega Ball.

How can I Check my lottery ticket?

Comparing your lottery ticket against the winning numbers can be accomplished quickly and easily by visiting your state lottery's website. A simple search for the word "lottery" along with the name of the state in which you purchased your ticket will produce the website where you may see if your numbers were drawn.

How do you check your lottery ticket?

Check lottery tickets for winners by visiting the state lottery's website. Select the game played, and check the winning numbers against the numbers on the lottery ticket. Nearly every state maintains a website for its lottery system. The websites list pertinent information for various games,...

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