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Frequently Asked Questions

Is loveloving Tan 2 hour express worth it?

Loving Tan 2 Hour Express impressed me so I gave it 4 out of 5 stars. The convenience factor is a huge plus in my eyes. This one is great to use last minute before a night out, or if you just need a quick tan! It develops in 2 hours and then you’re good to go.

How long does it take for tanning Mousse to dry?

I highly recommend using a tanning mitt when applying this one to protect your palms from the dark guide, and also to help rub the product into your skin. This mousse took about 30 minutes to dry, and I felt a little sticky while it was drying. The good news is you can wash this one off after 2 hours.

What does loving Tan 2 hour express dark smell like?

To buy Loving Tan 2 Hour Express Dark, Click Here. Bubbly, airy mousse. Dark brown in color. Blends well, but requires a mitt to apply. Drying time was a bit above average at 30 minutes. Smells like sweet fragrance mixed with a hint of DHA. The smell lasted until I showered it off 2 hours later. My tan was dark, smooth and natural looking.

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