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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the nearest Lowe's store?

The state with the most number of Lowe’s locations in the US is Texas, with 142 locations, which is 8% of all Lowe’s locations in America. Here’s how you can find the closest Lowes store to your current location: Go to the Lowes Store Locator at Enter your city or use your current location.

What does Lowe's sell?

Lowe’s is a chain of home improvement stores that sell a wide variety of products, including tools, appliances, and garden supplies. They have a large selection of products and services.

What is Lowe's policy on returns?

Lowe’s reserves the right to refuse and limit the number of returns permitted without a valid receipt. Visit your order history to initiate a return. Return must be initiated with Lowe’s within 48 hours of delivery or the time of pickup at a Lowe’s location.

What is the selection like at Lowes Foods?

But only Lowes Foods has The Beer Den where you'll find the finest selection of crafts and drafts in the whole wild world. Our selection is fantastically varied, local and delicious. Possibilities! From chocolate to red velvet, whipped cream and mousse – your cake will be scrumptious, whatever you choose!

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