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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best treated lumber to buy at Lowes?

Lowe's Severe Weather treated lumber with Ecolife contains an environmentally-advanced wood protection system utilizing the only integrated wood preservative with a built-in stabilizer standardized by the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA). This proprietary system provides maximum weathering protection and enhanced performance.

What is the difference between Home Depot and Lowes pressure treated lumber?

Home Depot vs Lowes pressure treated lumber. Is there any difference in the quality of pressure treated lumber at Lowes or Home Depot? NO diferance at all. With any pt lumber look at the sticker on the end of every board. You want to see " ground contact " The box store sell very little of that mostley 4x4's.

What are the benefits of treated lumber?

Treated lumbercan also include fire retardant and is a greatchoice for outdoor projects like decks, fences, patios and gazebos. Find building code-compliant options and get a lifetime warranty against fungal rot and termite damage.

How long does treated lumber last?

Test the wood with a few drops of water to see if the wood is dry enough to readily absorb water. Typically, treated wood will be dry and ready for finishing 60 days after installation. Apply the stain to a small portion of the deck to ensure the wood is sufficiently dry.

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