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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any certifications for LPNs?

The most rewarding type of CEUs are the ones that offer some type of certification program. LPNs can take advantage of certifications such as: IV therapy, long-term-care, hemodialysis, pharmacology, and wound care. The certifications will help add instant credibility to your profession as a licensed practical nurse.

What degree or certificate is an LPN course?

For instance, a licensed practical nursing (LPN) certificate only requires about a year of study, while an associate degree in nursing (ADN) requires two years of study. However, while LPN programs prepare students to become a licensed practical nurse, ADN programs lead to becoming a registered nurse (RN). LPNs assist RNs and physicians.

Do I need to take an LPN refresher course?

Now that you know what LPN refresher courses are, you may be wondering whether or not you will need to take them. In some cases, you will be required to complete a refresher course by your state's board of nursing, while in other cases, your employer will require you to do so.

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