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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the founder of Willett distillery?

In the spring of 1936, at the age of 27, Thompson Willett founded Willett Distillery. The distillery was erected near the family farm, which had been purchased by Lambert Willett, Thompson�s dad. Upon completion, in the spring of 1937, Willett Distillery produced its ?rst batch of Kentucky Bourbon Whiskey.

Is it safe to visit Willett distillery?

The safety of guests, staff and partners is priority. Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Ltd. dba Willett Distillery is a manufacturing facility that shall not be held responsible for any damages as a result of visiting the Kentucky Bourbon Distillers Ltd. property and participating in any of the tours, tastings or hospitality offerings onsite.

What Distillery makes Johnny Drum Bourbon?

Willett Distillery produces Willett, Johnny Drum, Kentucky Vintage, Noah’s Mill, Old Bardstown, Pure Kentucky, Rowan’s Creek, Black Maple Hill, Corner Creek and Speakeasy branded products. Is Willett Distillery on the Kentucky Bourbon Trail? Willett Distillery is a member of the Kentucky Bourbon Trail® Craft Tour.

Who owns Kentucky bourbon distillers?

Kulsveen and his wife purchased the company and the property on July 1, 1984, and renamed the company to Kentucky Bourbon Distillers (KBD), Ltd., registered distillery number DSP-KY-78. For some time, KBD continued to produce bourbon from the aging barrels that the Willett distillery had produced before they had stopped distilling.

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