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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cancer in astrology?

All About Cancer Disease In Medical Astrology & Remedies: Cancer, the disease which the medical field has not yet found the proper cause of. If it is not diagnosed at first stage, then it can prove to be fatal. Through chemotherapy this disease can be treated to some extent but the rest is in the hands of God.

What are the best treatments for lung cancer patients?

The American College of Chest Physicians suggests people with lung cancer may find comfort in: Acupuncture. Hypnosis. Massage. Meditation. Yoga.

What happens once lung cancer has been diagnosed?

Once your lung cancer has been diagnosed, your doctor will work to determine the extent (stage) of your cancer. Your cancer's stage helps you and your doctor decide what treatment is most appropriate.

Why choose Mayo Clinic for lung cancer treatment?

Mayo Clinic lung cancer experts offer comprehensive and compassionate care to people with lung cancer. Each year, more than 4,900 people with lung cancer receive care at Mayo Clinic.

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