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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stage 3 lung disease?

Stage 3: A diagnosis of Stage 3 lung cancer means that the tumor has spread to nearby lymph nodes. “The cancer is now in the center part of the chest,” says Dr. Santana-Davila, “or it’s big enough that it’s touching some very important structures in which surgery cannot be easily done.”

What does Boop stand for?

Boop stands for Bronchiolitis obliterans organizing pneumonia, which is a disease affecting the lungs. While it is not a common disease, it does occur around the world.

What are rare lung diseases?

LAM lung disease ( lymphangioleiomyomatosis) is a rare lung disease that tends to affect women of childbearing age. In LAM lung disease, muscle cells that line the lungs ' airways and blood vessels begin to multiply abnormally. These muscle cells spread into areas of the lung where they don't belong.

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