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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lake Lungern located?

Lake Lungern is a natural lake in Obwalden region of Switzerland that is named after the Lungern town located on its shore. The lake is drained by a river named Sarner Aa river, which flows into the Lake Lucerne, through the Sarnersee.

Can you swim in the lake at Lungern?

The lake at Lungern, where the water is of drinking quality and up to 23 degrees, is perfect for bathing, and also has a small swimming pool area with a fine sandy beach and a long water slide.

Where is Lungern-Schönbüel?

The family-friendly holiday region of Lungern-Schönbüel is on the Brünig Pass halfway between Lucerne and Interlaken. The beautiful scenery in the canton of Obwalden, with the emerald green Lake Lungern, appeals to walkers, water sports fans and lovers of nature and in winter provides a family-friendly skiing area.

What is the population of the village of Lungern?

Nowadays the village of Lungern has about 2120 inhabitants. The population is stable, so there is a rise in the ratio of elderly to total population. In fact 17.5% of the total population of Lungern are of a pensionable age, compared with an average of 12% in the canton.

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