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Frequently Asked Questions

What to do in Lungern?

The mountain village of Lungern offers recuperation, sports activities and adventure in the midst of the imposing mountain chains and incomparable scenery. In winter Lungern is an ideal starting point for snowshoe or winter hiking tours.

Where is Lungern located in Switzerland?

Lungern is a municipality in the canton of Obwalden in Switzerland. It encompasses Lake Lungern, and, besides the village of Lungern, the settlements of Bürglen, Kaiserstuhl and Obsee

What is Lake Lungern known for?

Lake Lungern (also called as Lungernsee) is a natural lake in Obwalden, Switzerland. It is nestled between impressive mountains and beautiful scenery. The lake is named after the town Lungern on its shore.

How far is the walk around Lake Lungern?

An easy and obvious walk is around the lake, which is about 9 km. If you want to see the lake from above you can take the Lungern – Turren cable car up. Turren is the start of many hiking trails e.g. Schönbüel or Briezer Rothorn. Lake Lungern is home to several beaches.

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