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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Lake Lungern located in Switzerland?

Lake Lungern ( German: Lungerersee, also spelled Lungernsee or Lungerensee) is a natural lake in Obwalden, Switzerland which is named after the town Lungern on its shore. The lake is drained by the Sarner Aa river, which flows through the Sarnersee and into Lake Lucerne.

What is Lake Lungern known for?

Lake Lungern (also called as Lungernsee) is a natural lake in Obwalden, Switzerland. It is nestled between impressive mountains and beautiful scenery. The lake is named after the town Lungern on its shore.

How far is the walk around Lake Lungern?

An easy and obvious walk is around the lake, which is about 9 km. If you want to see the lake from above you can take the Lungern – Turren cable car up. Turren is the start of many hiking trails e.g. Schönbüel or Briezer Rothorn. Lake Lungern is home to several beaches.

What to do in Lungern in Switzerland?

Almost every valley you pass through in Switzerland seems to be home to a stunningly beautiful lake. Lungern is no exception as you’ll see from the Lungernsee, or Lake Lungern. Benefiting from the town’s pleasant climate, the lake is perfect for bathing in summer.

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