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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the capital of Luxembourg called?

The capital, Luxembourg City, where one-fifth of the people live, is in the Bon Pays . The northern third, called Eisléck ( Oesling in French and Osling in German), is hilly and heavily forested and contains only 15 percent of the population.

Is Luxembourg a country or a capital?

Thus, Luxembourg, which had hitherto been independent in theory only, became a truly independent country, and Luxembourg City regained some of the importance that it had lost in 1867 by becoming the capital of a fully independent state.

What is the capital city of Luxembourg in Europe?

Luxembourg is the capital of the Luxemburg country with the same name as itself. Luxembourg City is located south of the Petrusse River, north of the Alzette river, and in the middle of the medieval Luxembourg castle. Luxembourg is one of the richest cities in the world.

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