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Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the Luxembourg royal family?

The Luxembourg royal family. From left: Grand Duke Henri, Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, Prince Sebastian, Grand Duke Jean, Prince Felix, Princess Alexandra, Crown Prince Guillaume and Prince Louis.

Who is the Grand Duke of Luxembourg's eldest son?

Grand Ducal Family of Luxembourg Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume of Luxembourg, the Grand Duke's eldest son, born on 11 November 1981. He is the Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Hereditary Prince of Nassau and holds the title Prince of Bourbon-Parma. He was married on 20 October 2012 to Countess Stephanie de Lannoy (b. 18 February 1984).

Who are the princes of Luxembourg and Nassau?

Since the grand ducal decree of 21 September 1995, dynasts who are the children of a Grand Duke or Hereditary Grand Duke hold the titles "Prince/Princess of Luxembourg" and "Prince/Princess of Nassau" with the style of Royal Highness.

Who is Prince Robert of Luxembourg's first cousin?

Prince Robert of Luxembourg, the Grand Duke's first cousin, was born on 14 August 1968 and married religiously on 19 September 1993 to Julie Elizabeth Houston Ongaro, now Princess Julie of Nassau, who was born on 9 June 1966.

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