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Frequently Asked Questions

How many luxury apartments are there in Austin?

There are 5431 luxury rentals available on RentCafe. Prices and availability in Austin, TX were last updated on 31 Dec 2022. What is the average size of a luxury apartment in Austin, TX?

Why should you rent an apartment downtown in Austin?

Renting an apartment downtown means that you’ll be a part of the community. Fitness is an important part of the Austin lifestyle. You’ll notice that a lot of Austinites aren’t deterred by the hot summers here, which lasts from April to October. People jog and bike on the trails around Lady Bird Lake.

Are luxury apartments more expensive?

Luxury apartments tend to be more expensive and have higher utility bills. You might be interested in studio apartments , 1 bedroom apartments , 2 bedroom apartments or 3 bedroom apartments, or browse all RentCafe apartments for rent in Austin, TX . The population in Austin, TX reached 965,872, as of the most recent Census survey.

How do I find a luxury apartment?

On RentCafe you can find the luxury apartment you are looking for whether it's near you, in a specific neighborhood or ZIP code, or in the best area in town. RentCafe can help you find the best luxury apartment for you by allowing you to compare location, size and price.

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