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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of pants does Macy's have plus size?

Trendy Plus Size Printed Satin Wide-Leg Pants, Created for Macy's NEW! Plus Size Mid-Rise Elastic Waist Pants

Is Macy's a good place to buy clothes?

With a dazzling selection of women’s apparel, you’re sure to score on stylish pieces for comfy casual looks, elegant formal ensembles and everything in between. Shopping for clothing has never been easier—from timeless classics to up-to-the-minute trends, Macy’s has it all.

What is the best body type for plus size women?

• Hourglass. A plus size woman with an hourglass body shape has a balanced frame, meaning your shoulders and hips are about the measurements. Clothing that enhances the appearance of your waist look best on hourglass body types—wrap dresses and tops featuring ties or belts are key.

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