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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of game is Majesty 2?

Majesty 2, much like the original Majesty, except a few added features is a strategic RPG. There is a few things you need to note when playing the game as well as a few neat strategies, all will be revealed in this beginners guide.

Is it possible to replay missions in Majesty 2?

Unlike Majesty 1, those features were not included in Majesty 2. The expansions do include a map editor and there are some missions you can keep playing forever as long as you don't finish the main objective. You can also replay any mission after beating it.

What are the classes of Heroes in Majesty?

Like most fantasy RPGs, heroes come as different classes, in majesty there is a vast amount of classes that serve a purpose and role. The five main classes you’ll be dealing with are the Warriors, Clerics, Rogues, Rangers and Wizards. Please note this is just a basic hero overview and more advanced heroes will be added to the guide in the future.

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