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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the makeupalley app?

Use the MakeupAlley app for access to over 2.6 million beauty product reviews from your iPhone & connect with 2 million beauty lovers worldwide on beauty & lifestyle message boards. - Customize your search by filtering reviews from MakeupAlley members with your skin type, tone or age range.

Is makemakeup alley a reliable source for real makeup reviews?

Makeup Alley is a great reference for real, unsponsored reviews on a variety of makeup, hair, skin and other beauty products. I dislike the fact that I have to be logged in to view more than the first one or two reviews on a product. Also not all products are featured on the site, its hit and miss.

Who is the founder of makeup Alley?

Hara Glick and Elky Mart founded Makeup Alley as a place to host product reviews and beauty forums in February 1999. Glick is still the president of Makeup Alley, and Mart, who wrote the site's original code, was actively involved from launch day until 2005, though he has maintained a relationship with the site ever since.

How do I get makeupalley reviews?

- Scan a product barcode in the MUA app, get its reviews instantly. Open the app, select the barcode image and scan a product's barcode to find its MakeupAlley reviews. - Read & post on our makeup, skincare, nails, hair & other beauty and lifestyle boards.

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