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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the MAME 2003 ROMs pack?

The MAME 2003 is also known as the MAME 0.78 version and the ROMset is also available with that term. You might guess a thing or two about what the MAME ROMs Pack is. Also, how it will help us but let’s get into more details. Over the years, there have been many people who have collected and stored various game files for the arcades and emulators.

Does Mame 2003-plus read split romsets?

MAME 2003-Plus can read Split, TorrentZipped romsets, but the RetroArch playlist scanner only supports Full Non-Merged, TorrentZipped romsets for MAME 2003-Plus. ClrMamePro remains the most popular tool for rebuilding MAME romsets, at least for now.

How do I download ROMs for RetroArch Mame 2003+ core?

[Selective Download works best if you have the Torrent's File List already up and a Web Browser window open to Google the ROM names for the games you want - just select those ZIP files from the ROM folder and nothing else.] As it says on tin - these are the ROMSets you need to download for the RetroArch MAME 2003+ Core.

How do I use Mame 2003?

MAME 2003 can ability to access games' internal service menus to set permanent game options. This allows you to, for example, configure a game to be 'free play' (no need to insert coins). To access the MAME service, press the 'F2' key.

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